How to Create Social Media Images

As many businesses know, having good graphics is an important part of getting your brand message into the world.  They allow a different medium to share your company story and connect with potential customers.

Graphic quotes, with beautiful visuals, are a good and relatively quick way to create social media content.  Now, there are tons of apps and programs that let you create graphics on your phone or computer without needing to hire a graphic designer.

This video tutorial will teach you how to use, one of our current favorite tools for graphic creation.

Resources Mentioned for Graphic Creation:

Honing Your Eye for Graphics & Branding

While the elements of creating graphics can be simple to understand and it’s easy to put together with tools like Canva.  Figuring out your brand look and feel can be a lot harder.

Some people have a natural eye for graphic aesthetics, but, if that does not come easy to you, or you would like to refine your skill, Canva has a free Design School with tutorials.

They go over color schemes, fonts, best practices, how to choose graphic layouts that fit a theme you’re wanting to create and so much more.

If you would like a deeper dive into design we recommend going through their tutorials.

The Canva Design School

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